Increase Your Flexibility with Belly Dance

Apart from being an entertaining dance form, Belly dance has some amazing benefits on the human body and it is significantly effective in increasing the flexibility. The graceful and lovely hip drops, pivots and rolls of the dance work with the body in a way that makes it highly supple. (To find out about our awesome Belly Dance classes in Patchogue, NY, visit the 4GK Fitness YouTube Channel:

The Moves and Flexibility

Belly dancing utilizes the muscle groups in the pelvis, abdomen, trunk, neck and spine efficiently increasing its flexibility. Almost every single movement of the torso is based upon the function and flexibility of the spinal column comprises of more bones and ligaments than any other part of the body. Muscle groups attached to these ligaments and bones cause movement in the trunk and pelvic areas. Belly dance helps in toning these muscles and maintaining their flexibility in a very effective yet safe manner.

While dancing, the moves such as circles, hip drops, shimmies and figure eights lead to a full range of repetitive and gentle motion in the joints and ligaments present in the lower back and hip, thereby increasing the flow of synovial fluid in these joints. Also, in perfect movements, the pelvis is tucked or tipped forward that can prevent problems in the lower back. This dance form relieves stress to the back and troubles that occur due to a sedentary lifestyle, making it easy to bend and highly flexible.

Supple and Toned Muscles

The flexible and toned muscles lead to an improved posture and help prevent back pain by strengthening the muscle groups surrounding the back including the otherwise under-exercised small groups as well. Also, the muscles of the hip are exercised during the dance, thereby making the muscle even more supple and flexible as well as improving the balance when walking. The dance involves the toning of the muscles of the arms and shoulders as they are exercised in the circles, lifts or the rippling motions of snake arms. The dance brings these positive changes in the arms quite soon as holding the arms aloft is a major element of belly dancing right from the very beginning.

Improved Self-Image

The dance form is a weight-bearing exercise as it is performed on the feet. Such exercise strengthens the bones and the overall toning gifts the dancer with an improved self-image, as it makes one more poised and balanced. Belly dancing is a low-impact exercise, that means that the risk of injury is minimal if the movements are carried out correctly. Although, it is mostly performed by women, the benefits of belly dance are huge and can be cherished by everyone, regardless of the age, body shape and size. It is common to find men in the Middle East and Eastern Europe belly dancing. This is partly because of the health benefits the dance provides.

The body becomes increasingly graceful with practice and learns to move even more beautifully with belly dancing. It brings a heightened feelings of elegance and delightful confidence. Undoubtedly, belly dancing not only improves the physical flexibility, but also triggers an emotional response, thereby letting one lead a fuller, healthier and fitter life.

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