Belly Dancing for Fitness

Belly Dance for Fitness is a superb way to workout that firms and tones the body in all the right places and is an art form that almost anyone can practice.

It has become very popular with women who are looking for an enjoyable way to get fit, find friends and have time out for themselves.

Many women say that Belly Dancing is the best form of exercise they have every done and the only thing needed to learn the art of Belly Dancing is to open the mind, and a willingness to explore the new ways to move. (To find out about our awesome Belly Dance classes in Patchogue, NY, visit:

Here are some of the many reasons why belly dancing will provide you with a great workout.

The real advantage of using belly dance for fitness is that there are has no boundaries making it a suitable form of exercise for all ages, body types and levels of fitness. This fantastic form of dance and movement teaches you to balance the body and is also believed to improve concentration levels.

Belly-dancing features a range of dance movements that help increase breathing and raise the heartbeat, which can have a positive effect on cardiovascular strength.

Studies have shown that as well as the physical benefits Belly Dancing can help to clear the mind and lift the mood. The combination of music and dance helps dancers to develop more self-esteem, improve body awareness and reconnect with their bodies in new and fun ways.

Women who have weight issues have the benefit of becoming more comfortable with their bellies and hips and begin to be more accepting and appreciative of their curves. An added bonus of belly dancing is it can help you burn as much as 300 calories per hour.

Belly dancing is considered to be a non-impact weight bearing exercise that is beneficial to women by reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Belly dance is good for your physical health its builds flexibility and strength in the core muscles and improves posture.

Prenatal women can use belly dancing as part of the process that strengths the muscles for the childbirth process.

Belly dancing can help you feel comfortable in your own skin it embraces everyone, body issues can be put aside and help women discover their inner beauty.

Belly dancing aids the relieve of PMS by alleviating congestion in the pelvic area. The rolling hips and figures of eight improve the circulation in the pelvic area which relieves stress.

Those experiencing the menopause report a reduction in hot flashes this is because the organs naturally affected by hormonal changes are strengthen by the increased blood circulation achieved while belly dancing. Making it easier to work your way through the menopause.

Many women have discovered how deeply powerful and empowering the art of belly dancing can be.

Belly dance can make you happier. regular exercise produces endorphin’s in your brain which are the happy chemical. So get happy and relax.

There are so many amazing benefits to learning how to belly dance. It really can enrich the average women’s life helping you to feel younger, more fulfilled healthier and sexier.

For more information about Belly Dancing classes in Patchogue NY, visit our website:

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